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Our Doctor
Harvey E. Slusky, MD
Dr. Slusky is a native Houstonian. He has been dedicated to the practice of cardiology since beginning in 1990. Dr. Slusky was the first physician to perform coronary stenting in the Clear Lake area.  He has the reputation for being empathetic to his patients, an experienced diagnostician, and willing to go the 'extra mile' in treating his patients.
Our Practice


Since 1990, Clear Lake Heart Center has been serving the local community with a commitment to treat each of our patients as an individual.  First and foremost, we respect​ the dignity of our patients.  We do not hurry our patient visits.  It is our policy to clearly understand your medical condition.  It is also our goal to educate the patient every step of the way and make important decisions together.


Over the past two decades, the field of cardiology has changed dramatically with regards to both diagnostics and treatment options.   Our philosophy is to give you the most up-to-date diagnostic evaluation and render treatment plans based on evidence based therapies.


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